Education & Training Award - BTEC Level 3

Course Date: 4th October 2017

Venue: Lilleshall National Sports Centre, Near Telford, Shropshire.

Cost £340 + Vat 

The cost of the course includes accommodation for the night before the course and meals and refreshments for the training day, as well as BTEC L3 EAT (Education and Training) Award Certification.

This Award is Required if You Wish to Become a NFPS Licensed Centre.

If you wish to become a NFPS Licensed Centre to deliver BTEC Awards then you also need to hold a current and relevant teaching qualification. Many other organisations also require this too. Therefore as a one-off, and this has never been offered before on this course, we are offering you the opportunity to take the BTEC Level 3 EAT (Education and Training) Award as an additional award on this course. It does require you to stay for one more day to complete the required micro-teaching session but then you can leave the course with an additional relevant teaching qualification if you require it.

To book your place choose your payment option by selecting which button to sign up with below. The option to book the Education & Training Award and an additional nights accommodation will be provided once you go to the shopping cart.

One Off Payment of £340 + Vat


3 x Payments of £114 + Vat

But Why Take The BTEC Level 3 Award in Education & Training?

There is often a general assumption that if you are a subject matter expert then you can impart that knowledge to others, but this is not necessarily the case, and it is really important to recognise that an ability to teach/train/present is just as important, maybe more important than having subject knowledge.  

Understanding how to structure lesson plans, run teaching session, keep learners involved and engaged and bringing out the knowledge and experience of those in the room is so important and often overlooked, and that is what the BTEC Level 3 Award in Education & Training is designed to do.

That is why it is an important qualification to have, and if you are considering becoming a Licensed Centre of NFPS Ltd, to deliver BTEC Awards, then it is a requirement that you hold a recognised teaching qualification in addition to your Trainer Qualification.

Also, if you are looking to offer your services once trained to other agencies (local authorities, schools, etc.) having a formal teaching qualification may be a requirement and condition of contract.

This is why we have provided this one-off opportunity for you to take this Award as a stand-alone Award.